Friday, February 17, 2006

MANaOS 0.1.1 RC1 is out

I'm finally launching MANaOS Web Browser 0.1.1 RC for both ARM and i386 as well as making its sourcebase also available at here.

But what is MANaOS ?

The project itself is an open source initiative aiming to provide a mozilla-based and "full" web compliant Browser for the maEmo platform. (see here for more about it). It was in standby since of June 2005, because of no time in this meanwhile. But, we hope to get you monthly releases, at least.

About 0.1.1 RC version and what's coming ...

This is the RC which will lead up to 0.2. So, please drop me emails with bugs, suggestions, whatever ;) Thus, as all development releases it has a _long_ list of TODO tasks (see bellow) as well as a _not-as-long_ list of bugs to be fixed. But it works for most of the web sites we tested (check cool screenshots out). Now, regarding the coming_soon releases, I can tell you it will features spatial navigation and an 10-times optimized version of the zooming algorithm, and virtual keyboard/HTML forms synchronization.

TODO list

solving the multi-appviews problemTODO - EASY
make it installable from AI
TODO - Coming to 0.2
main entry expandingTODO - EASY
fixing up the set_profile methodDONE - Coming to 0.2
ssl/nss log-in. TODO - specially fails
speeding up the zooming
TODO - Coming 0.2
panningTODO - have a look at grab-n-drag
Encoding support
TODO - Coming to 0.3
plug-insTODO - missing flash-arm-plug-in
download managerTODO - not that hard
better history - using mozilla's history.datTODO - not that hard
Entire code redesign
TODO - Coming to 0.2/0.3

footprint reduction
TODO - hacking chrome/

updating the engine source base
TODO - (see bug) Coming to 0.3

better matching theme
TODO - Coming to 0.3

in bold - coming with 0.2
red - coming with 0.3

Thanks to Andre Pedralho, Tomaz Noleto, Afonso Rabelo (great .debs template !!!), Diego Gonzalez and Elmano Carvalho, (coders of MANaOS so far) and also who was waiting for it.

(sorry for the long awaited time and send me back bugs you found ;)).

Antonio Gomes
http:// tonikitoo (dot) blogspot (dot) com


Anonymous said...

hm, unfortunately there are no permissions to download the debs from your download section...

Anonymous said...

Okay, how can I install it on the actual device? I can't install the .debs.

Antonio said...

please, what problems do you get, max?

Anonymous said...

I tried to install the packages using the gui installer. None of the packages could be installed because "this feature is built into the package". The message was in german and I can't recall it exactly. Maybe I should try to install it using dpkg to get a better message. I had this problem before when I tried to install an earlier version of the python maemo packages when it needed root access to the device.

Anonymous said...

Antonio, I got the error "The component is built-in" for both Minimo and the Moz engine. In spite of that, I'm pleased to see progress at last.

Antonio said...

oks ... I reproduced your problems. Actually, I got it installed using XTerm (dkpg -i), but I think you don't have any terminal available within the maemo image, right ?

Anonymous said...

I do have xterm, but dpkg returns...

dpkg: unable to access dpkg status area: No such file or directory

Could you post detailed install instructions?

Anonymous said...

so I also installed it using dpkg in the following order:

When trying to install bia-minimo-dev_0.1.0-1_arm.deb i get the following:

dpkg: error processing bia-minimo-dev_0.1.0-1_arm.deb (--install):
trying to overwrite directory `/usr/lib/pkgconfig' in package manaos-maemo-minimo with nondirectory

Now I think I can see why it isn't working: you are trying to install all the files directly to /, but as var as I know you should install it to /var/lib/install/

After all that I can't see an new entry in the application menu even everything (but bia-minimo) seems to be installed corectly.

When I try to execute /usr/bin/manaos I get this:
/usr/bin/manaos: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

With /usr/bin/run-manaos:
osso_initialize() WARNING: if the system bus activated this program, Libosso does not connect to the session bus!
No history file to read!
Segmentation fault

via ssh I get this for /usr/bin/run-manaos:
osso_initialize() WARNING: if the system bus activated this program, Libosso does not connect to the session bus!
Could not init manaos_browser!

I hope this will help you.

If not, you can mail me at max (a) projekt - brot . de

Anonymous said...


ln -s /var/lib/install/var/lib/dpkg /var/lib/dpkg
(as root) first.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the tip, max. Now I'm caught up... which is to say, I'm seeing the same errors you are.

Antonio said...

max, try

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/minimo

(if you installed it into the /,)

or export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/var/lib/install/minimo in your case

and you can (should) uninstall the mozilla-dev package. It's really not required for running manaos, just to for development though (there would be no arm debs for that)

Antonio said...

I am only able to install it from a terminal (command line), but with no errors. I'll flash the device with an open maemo image, to better reproduce your reports guys.

Actually, I haven't blogged "how to get manaos browser installed on the 77 device" post and neither made any propaganda of it to maemo mailing list because I really needed these kind of feedbacks you a giving me ;)


Anonymous said...


I've got to install MANaOS on 770 succesfully. I've done the following steps:
1) Install manaos-mozilla-engine_0.2.0-1_arm.deb and manaos-maemo-minimo_0.1.0-1_arm.deb (using dpkg -i)
2) export LD_LIBRARY_PATH and MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME both to /usr/lib/minimo
3) To run MANaOS I'm using this command line: run-standalone /usr/lib/minimo/./ /usr/bin/manaos

I hope that these steps can help you.

Antonio said...

actually, for instance

instead of 'run-standalone /usr/lib/minimo/./ /usr/bin/manaos'


$ sudo gainroot
$ run-standalone /usr/lib/minimo/./ /usr/bin/manaos'

dammit . will be fixed soon !!!

Anonymous said...

$ sudo gainroot
$ run-standalone /usr/lib/minimo/./ /usr/bin/manaos'

and tada!

Is kind of slow. Well, actually it's slow like hell. But it works. :)

Antonio said...


I guess you are the fisrt one :)

About the slowlyness, what I can tell you is mozilla itself is slow running on the 770. Try just running TestGtkEmbed, to prove it

Actually, manaos is our testing_experiamental browser, so we're planning to get its basic functionalities working (see TBD list) and then attach the engine optimization.

Anonymous said...

I also have it working but ... I couldn't be able to browse my gmail because of low memory (I have to setup the swap whatever thing)