Wednesday, August 16, 2006

minimo 016.4 (maemo port) available

New minimo 0.16.4-1 maemo-port available featuring:

$ cat debian/changelog
minimo (0.16.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

* improvements on softkb interaction (thanks to tim).
* arm and i386 repositories set at (thanks to rbelem).
* built with distcc (arm-linux-gcc/g++) (thanks to rbelem again)

  1. VKB Thumb mode and handwriting recognition support were not tested/implemented so far
  2. VKB will jump up only if minimo got started up after connection is up.
  3. Some secure sites failed to loggin maybe due to some parameters not being passed in uri, broken submit methods ??.
  4. Flash plugin is not supposed to work.
  5. Most of preferences not implemented yet for linux.
Installing from command line:
  • "gainroot"
  • $ echo "deb binary-arm/ " >> /etc/apt/source.list
  • $ apt-get update && aptitude minimo
or via AppManager
  • Add this entry into "new catalogue":
    • web address:
    • Distribution: binary-arm/
    • Components: n/a
  • Refresh list
  • Install new applications
    • pick minimo up.
Future work:
  1. Fix security site browsing
  2. Fix 'go' button
  3. ZoomIN press crashes it.
  4. Autocomplete "suckage"
--Antonio Gomes

Monday, August 14, 2006

X level solution for VKB and Minimo interaction

These days I have been in touch with some low level (at least in my option) code. I've gone deeply down toward the "ugly" X level programming. Lots of Display, Window, RootWindow, Atom , blablabla ...

Anyways, it was good to have an idea about it , and mainly because through this I got the built-in maemo's virtual keyboard popping up/hiding when focus in/out event occur on minimo, without any gtk-based stuff.

Follows some lines of code that popup vbk manually for you:

// same as XOpenDisplay (0)?
Display *display = GDK_DISPLAY ();
if (!display) return ;

Atom hildonWindow;

hildonWindow = XInternAtom (display, "_HILDON_IM_WINDOW", true); // original code from Tim.

static char *XAtomNames[] = {"WINDOW"};
static Atom XAtoms[ARRAY_LENGTH(XAtomNames)];

// get needed atoms
XInternAtoms(display, XAtomNames, ARRAY_LENGTH(XAtomNames), False, XAtoms);

if (hildonWindow != None) {
Atom atomType;
int atomFormat;
int res;
unsigned long atomItems;
unsigned long atomBytes;
unsigned char* atomProperties;
::Window imWindow;

// this code fragment, I can get from widget/src/gtksuperwin/gtkmozarea.c:310
// gdk_property_get ?????
RootWindow (display,XDefaultScreen(display)), hildonWindow, 0, 1, false, XAtoms[0],
&atomType, &atomFormat, &atomItems, &atomBytes, &atomProperties);

if (res!=Success || atomProperties==NULL) {
std::cout << "Cannot get IM window" <<>

imWindow=reinterpret_cast< ::Window*>(atomProperties)[0];
std::cout << "Acquire " <<>window << " " <<>

::XEvent event;

//[0]=RootWindow (display,XDefaultScreen(display));
//[1]=RootWindow (display,XDefaultScreen(display));[2]=0x08;[3]=0x00400007;[4]=0;
if (XSendEvent(display,imWindow,False,NoEventMask,&event)==0) {
std::cerr << "Error while sending vk-1" <<>

event.xclient.message_type= XInternAtom(display,"_HILDON_IM_ACTIVATE",False);[2]=0x09;

if (XSendEvent(display,imWindow,False,NoEventMask,&event)==0) {
std::cerr << "Error while sending vk-7" <<>
} // end


ps: I got great support on this coming from Tim (nice German guy) who is also porting a non-gtk application to maemo 2.0. Most of the code above comes from his Illumination app.

--Antonio Gomes