Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cool news on QtWebKit

Two months past the last time I wrote something here, I realized things like:

1) these (trendy) micro-blogging thing make some people (including me) extremely accommodated and too lazy to blog;
2) I need vacations.


Well, now apart from these irrelevant personal feelings, I'd say that a bunch has happened in that meanwhile, and I will try to (slowly) get my to-be-blogged list freed ...

For now I will be sharing a some cool stuff that have recently happened in the QtWebKit land, project I am mostly spending my time on:

  • Kenneth and I landed the QWebGraphicsItem (now called QGraphicsWebView) implementation. In summary class makes it possible in an easy and fast way to have native GraphicsItem based object for Web rendering. See bug 28862 ([Qt][API] Add a new QGraphicsWidget based version of the "QWebView"). It makes it possible to have all supported transformations to happen on Web content.
  • Among other follow-ups to the above, bug 30162 made the "animated flip" feature a nice show case to the Demo browser.
  • Girish has landed support for "windowless" plugin to QtWebKit. See progresses and details in bug 20081.
  • "Holger landed his rewrite of ImageDecoderQt that significantly improves the memory footprint", said Simon Hausman is his blog :).
  • Bug 27214 created a webkit-qt dedicated mailing list.
  • Ongoing text drawing improvements in bug 24468.
  • Bunch of API reviews, clean up and bug fixes toward Qt 4.6.
Some remarkable related stuff include:
Afonso Costa and I are working on some nice stuff embedding all the above for maemo ... so I'd say to keep tuned ..

Antônio Gomes
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