Sunday, September 24, 2006

I've been abroad

from last week until december, I believe, I'll be out for work stuff in Helsinki, Finland ...

helsinki and espoo are great cities, nice people and bealtifil girls. Nokia build and infrastructure are also very good ...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Minimo/Mozilla (maemo port) repository - UPDATE

Note: for 'mistral' distribution has changed :)
Note 2: find BORA setup notes at

Since last maemo port release, Minimo/Mozilla Browser has an arm repository for an easier installation/upgrade on the nokia 770. Follows instruction of how to set it up:
  • from command line:
    • "gainroot"
    • $ echo "deb mistral/ " >> /etc/apt/source.list
    • $ apt-get update && aptitude minimo
  • from AppManager
    • Add this entry into "new catalogue":
      • web address:
      • Distribution: mistral/
      • Components: n/a
    • "Refresh list"
    • Go to "Install new applications"
      • pick minimo up.
This way, minimo's runtime dependencies (libxt6, libsm6 and libice6) were also up uploaded and are pulled down and installed if needed.

ps: the set up itself is quite easy and I'll maybe blog about it soon.
ps2: the trailing back slash is needed, I believe !!!! :)
--Antonio Gomes