Saturday, May 20, 2006

Minimo 0.16 Nokia 770 Special Efforts (update)

Follows are some topics we think are suitable to make minimo Mozilla suitable for the Nokia 770:

  • Provide an AI-able .deb (DONE)
  • Adding an icon on 'Extras' menu.
  • Command line parser (ongoing)
    • --fullscreen '-f'
    • --url '-u'
    • --file '-p'
    • see and
  • Add DBUS support.
  • Customize the minimo's default SSR CSS file for the huge 77' display.
  • Static linkage of libstdc++ (avoid external stdc++6 installation).
  • Adding -Lpath at build time (avoid need of setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH).
    • see
  • Synchronizing maemo's virtual keyboard show up/hide events to html forms' focus in/out events.
  • 770 Hardware keys support

Any suggestion ?

I am not sure if all of them will be available for the 0.16 already, but I'll do my best ;)