Friday, November 24, 2006

What is about to come ???? - update

Follows a list of features I'll be working for minimo maemo port for the next couple days:

  • Add hardware key support (especially zoom_in/out and fullscreen).
  • Updating minimo through default Maemo's Application Manager has problems.
  • implement context sensitive menus for a stylus-oriented device.
  • missing "home bar". (where is it ???)
  • bookmark are not being properly persisted. (not yet implemented in minimo ???)
  • Hack built-in flash plugin to make it work with minimo.
  • make proxy work for FTP and HTTPS protocols.
  • default home setting does not work.
  • investigate crash on - maybe certificate ?
  • problems inputting hebrew, russian, finish characters via vkb.
minor ones:
  • clipboard operations (cut, copy and paste)
  • track mozilla bug (minimo exits crashing if X button if pressed)
  • try to fix download dialog crash.
  • 'open file' does not work.
  • remove 'pushd/popd' commands from run-minimo script uses - they seem to be not supported. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • proxy are not being set properly via vkb. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • keep tarsbar on the top on fullscreen mode by default. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • add menu item for toggle on/off spatial navigation / scrolling via arrow buttons. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • remove 'enable ssr' and 'Set minimo as default browser' check buttons from preferences-general tab. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • addind back ' X' button for tab closing. (FIXED in 0.16.8-2)
  • look for a rotate screen solution.

ps : this list might grow up. It depends only on your feedback. Feel free to suggest anything.

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Newest minimo coming with patches available.

Wow, after a "busy" Sunday (actually I woke up at 2 PM :)) I finally I got newest mozilla minimo cvs snapshot (18th Nov) built on maemo i386 environment. Even better, I got all my patches uptodated as well as a directory struture for building it. It looks like:

[sbox-maemo2-i386: ~/minimo/newest] > ls -R minimo/newest/


armel-specific failed general maemo-specific old ongoing

buildfix_lots.diff buildfix_missing_chk_files.diff buildfix_preparea_and_dispatch_arm_sbox.diff old

075_OPTIMIZATIONS_xpcom_arm.diff 145_MAEMO_cs_mthumb_hack.diff 185_MAEMO_CODESOURCERY_hack_prdtoa.diff buildfix_shligsign_arm_sbox.diff

185_MAEMO_CODESOURCERY_hack_prdtoa.diff minimo_shared.patch

ongoing runfix_encryto.diff runfix_gtkmozembed.diff


adding_debian_folder.diff adding_maemo_specific_files.diff disable_ssr_component.diff fullscreen_stuff_and_disable_google_view.diff prefs.diff softkb.diff~
adding_maemo_specific_code.diff bigger_menu_default_font_size.diff fix_loggin_bustage_mika.diff linking_against_dbus_and_osso_stuff.diff softkb.diff

adding_debian_folder.diff psm_working_on_minimo.diff.bak update_linux_package.patch


I am building it to armel right now, tomorrow I will see how good it runs on maemo 2.1. Hopefully, minimo will also
completely move to garage.maemo soon. Keep tuned.

--Antonio Gomes

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Firefox 2.0 and Helsinki Lauching Party - update

ps: This post is TOO LATE :)

We have a launching party also here in Helsinki for celebrating Firefox 2.0 releasing. Some goods shots ...

Check some of its new features out.

--Antonio Gomes

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I've been abroad

from last week until december, I believe, I'll be out for work stuff in Helsinki, Finland ...

helsinki and espoo are great cities, nice people and bealtifil girls. Nokia build and infrastructure are also very good ...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Minimo/Mozilla (maemo port) repository - UPDATE

Note: for 'mistral' distribution has changed :)
Note 2: find BORA setup notes at

Since last maemo port release, Minimo/Mozilla Browser has an arm repository for an easier installation/upgrade on the nokia 770. Follows instruction of how to set it up:
  • from command line:
    • "gainroot"
    • $ echo "deb mistral/ " >> /etc/apt/source.list
    • $ apt-get update && aptitude minimo
  • from AppManager
    • Add this entry into "new catalogue":
      • web address:
      • Distribution: mistral/
      • Components: n/a
    • "Refresh list"
    • Go to "Install new applications"
      • pick minimo up.
This way, minimo's runtime dependencies (libxt6, libsm6 and libice6) were also up uploaded and are pulled down and installed if needed.

ps: the set up itself is quite easy and I'll maybe blog about it soon.
ps2: the trailing back slash is needed, I believe !!!! :)
--Antonio Gomes

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

minimo 016.4 (maemo port) available

New minimo 0.16.4-1 maemo-port available featuring:

$ cat debian/changelog
minimo (0.16.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

* improvements on softkb interaction (thanks to tim).
* arm and i386 repositories set at (thanks to rbelem).
* built with distcc (arm-linux-gcc/g++) (thanks to rbelem again)

  1. VKB Thumb mode and handwriting recognition support were not tested/implemented so far
  2. VKB will jump up only if minimo got started up after connection is up.
  3. Some secure sites failed to loggin maybe due to some parameters not being passed in uri, broken submit methods ??.
  4. Flash plugin is not supposed to work.
  5. Most of preferences not implemented yet for linux.
Installing from command line:
  • "gainroot"
  • $ echo "deb binary-arm/ " >> /etc/apt/source.list
  • $ apt-get update && aptitude minimo
or via AppManager
  • Add this entry into "new catalogue":
    • web address:
    • Distribution: binary-arm/
    • Components: n/a
  • Refresh list
  • Install new applications
    • pick minimo up.
Future work:
  1. Fix security site browsing
  2. Fix 'go' button
  3. ZoomIN press crashes it.
  4. Autocomplete "suckage"
--Antonio Gomes

Monday, August 14, 2006

X level solution for VKB and Minimo interaction

These days I have been in touch with some low level (at least in my option) code. I've gone deeply down toward the "ugly" X level programming. Lots of Display, Window, RootWindow, Atom , blablabla ...

Anyways, it was good to have an idea about it , and mainly because through this I got the built-in maemo's virtual keyboard popping up/hiding when focus in/out event occur on minimo, without any gtk-based stuff.

Follows some lines of code that popup vbk manually for you:

// same as XOpenDisplay (0)?
Display *display = GDK_DISPLAY ();
if (!display) return ;

Atom hildonWindow;

hildonWindow = XInternAtom (display, "_HILDON_IM_WINDOW", true); // original code from Tim.

static char *XAtomNames[] = {"WINDOW"};
static Atom XAtoms[ARRAY_LENGTH(XAtomNames)];

// get needed atoms
XInternAtoms(display, XAtomNames, ARRAY_LENGTH(XAtomNames), False, XAtoms);

if (hildonWindow != None) {
Atom atomType;
int atomFormat;
int res;
unsigned long atomItems;
unsigned long atomBytes;
unsigned char* atomProperties;
::Window imWindow;

// this code fragment, I can get from widget/src/gtksuperwin/gtkmozarea.c:310
// gdk_property_get ?????
RootWindow (display,XDefaultScreen(display)), hildonWindow, 0, 1, false, XAtoms[0],
&atomType, &atomFormat, &atomItems, &atomBytes, &atomProperties);

if (res!=Success || atomProperties==NULL) {
std::cout << "Cannot get IM window" <<>

imWindow=reinterpret_cast< ::Window*>(atomProperties)[0];
std::cout << "Acquire " <<>window << " " <<>

::XEvent event;

//[0]=RootWindow (display,XDefaultScreen(display));
//[1]=RootWindow (display,XDefaultScreen(display));[2]=0x08;[3]=0x00400007;[4]=0;
if (XSendEvent(display,imWindow,False,NoEventMask,&event)==0) {
std::cerr << "Error while sending vk-1" <<>

event.xclient.message_type= XInternAtom(display,"_HILDON_IM_ACTIVATE",False);[2]=0x09;

if (XSendEvent(display,imWindow,False,NoEventMask,&event)==0) {
std::cerr << "Error while sending vk-7" <<>
} // end


ps: I got great support on this coming from Tim (nice German guy) who is also porting a non-gtk application to maemo 2.0. Most of the code above comes from his Illumination app.

--Antonio Gomes

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

minimo special effort (part II) - update

After releasing 3 RC .debs of the maemo/nokia 770 minimo port, and having got lots of feedback, bugs and suggestion, I decided to blog about them. Follows what I think are the most relevant issues to be done:
  • fix browsing through security site (PARTIALLY DONE - works with some magic tricks only).
  • implement an easy way to leave fullscreen mode (DONE - via bottombar).
  • improve input fields and virtual keyboard interaction.
  • autocomplete widget forces you to click twice to remove focus from it (maybe this is no device specific bug, I have to file this into bugzilla)
  • improving my way of packing up: set up a repository for minimo and its dependecies missing on maemo 2.0 image.
  • make all patches available asap.

  • implement 770 Hardware keys support (e.g. ZOOM_IN crashes it)
  • implement timers to context sensitive menus (it works only on x86 through right-button mouse click - have to file this as a bug).
  • implement command line parser support bug 334019
  • implement dbus service for minimo. It would avoid having more then one instance of it running at the same time (btw, dbus-xpcom binding has been announced recently).
  • fix fs browsing support (it crashes when I type /usr or /etc - although it works for /etf/fstab)

  • improve ssr (css file) - it makes rendering extremely ugly if on SSR mode (disabled)
  • make default font bigger (possible adding an observer on preference system) (workarounded)
  • fix segfault on window closing.
  • maybe implement a portrait mode view ???
read - critical
blue - that'd be great
black - I could live without it

Other issues:

- gmaps misvisualizing - works for me, though.
- lacking of svg, mathml and cairo.
- testing rendering of some Chinese, Japanese and Arabian encoded websites (ah.sima ???)

any thinkg else ? just mail me.

I wish to have any fund on this :p, after all funding means time !

-- Antonio Gomes

Thursday, July 06, 2006

minimo 016.1 (maemo port) available - update

New minimo 016.1 .deb available. It's getting better ;)

$ more mozilla/debian/changelog

minimo (0.16.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

* Trunk updated (July 04)
* Automated build/packing initial version ( , tarball ,
patches) working
* Fixed lack of entry on task navigator by adding StartupWMClass=minimo into
.desktop file. Minimizing it possible now :) - thanks henry.
* made default webpages font bigger
* made preferences/menus font bigger
* ssr (minimo/components/ssr) component temporarily disabled.

minimo (0.16.1-0) unstable; urgency=low

* added initial dbus-glib implementation, fixing the "system is killing me
after few seconds" problem.
* packed libXt, libSM and libICE together into .deb


Please, any suggestion, bug report or whatever is welcome via comment, email or bugzilla .

ps: check menus at window right and left bottom corner for functionalities.

-- Antonio Gomes

Monday, July 03, 2006

minimo 016 .deb (beta/hack version)

I got minimo 016 packed into a preliminary-stage-.deb for maemo 2.0/armel. It's AI-able (installable via Application Installer or dpkg) and launchable via 'menu->extra->minimo'.
  • Main issues I am working on now for the next .deb:
    1. Currently, minimo does not add an entry into Task Navigator after launched, so MINIMIZING IT MIGHT GET YOU INTO PROBLEMS :)
    2. Security sites sometimes work sometime don't (on sbox/i386 it works all the time though).
    3. Typing from the vkb is possible: you can pop it up or hide it by keystroking "ENTER" (button in the middle of arrows).

minimo's port for nokia 770 is not close to be complete (lots to do yet) .

NOTE: This .deb is built over armel architecture, so it will not working on non-armel ones.

NOTE: In this current stage, reproduce by your own the steps I did to build this .deb might be a bit painful (manual process). But, I've been working on a script for automate all these hackings. The script will:
  • applying all required patches
  • build and pack it all.
NOTE: some missing libraries on Maemo 2.0 image were a problem.

Please, any suggestion, bug report or whatever is welcome via comment or email.

-- Antonio Gomes

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Some progresses on ARM

Ubuntu (dapper) is great for home using, but there is nothing better then our good and old friend Debian for devel :). While using Ubuntu as development platform, I was able to build minimo for i386 and arm, but always when I tried run it on n770/maemo2.0 it failed. Since then, I've been spending part of my rare free time producing debug builds, strace'ing it, blablabla and nothing 'till today.

So unintentionally I did it all again using a fresh debian sarge machine (set up with same toolchain, rootstraps, compilers). Follows the results:


brazilian soccer idols

minimo in fullscreen mode

minimo in fullscreen mode (and vkb popped up)

I am cleaning patches up just now and .deb is about to upload.

--Antonio Gomes

Sunday, June 25, 2006

arm'ing Minimo 016 ! What am I missing ?

My odyssey of make minimo 016 work on the n770 has began. After got it built on sbox/maemo2.0 for both i386 and arm, but running it on arm is being painful. That's where I am:
  • arm build - DONE
  • AI-installable .deb - DONE
  • source packing - DONE
    • menu item added on extra menu (am able to launch minimo from it on sbox/i386 only)
    • icon on task manager is not added after launch it, even on i386 !!!
  • initial dbus support - DONE
    • it is not killed by system when launched from menu on sbox/i386.
  • vkb synchronization - MISSING
  • CORE: minimo does not show up when on n770
    • maybe a libstdc++6 incompatibility ????
I've posted about it on maemo-dev mailing list, but nothing yet ? Btw, after a hand of some nice guys (jay and guilt from ITT) I got it working on IT 2005. Any hint ?

--Antonio Gomes

Thursday, June 15, 2006

minimo 016 on maemo2.0/sbox

good news: I got lots of my old stuff recovered after my laptop damaging 2 weeks later. This holiday, and during world cup matches :), I got back hacking minimo for maemo-2.0. Follows the situation currently:
  • dougt has launched minimo 0.16. WOW.
  • I applied some patches (psm + testgtkembed + packaging) into it and built/ran on sbox2.0b-i386.
  • odd build failing on arm. working on it.
Some nice screenshots:

--Antonio Gomes
http:// tonikitoo dot blogspot dot com

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Minimo 0.16 Nokia 770 Special Efforts (update)

Follows are some topics we think are suitable to make minimo Mozilla suitable for the Nokia 770:

  • Provide an AI-able .deb (DONE)
  • Adding an icon on 'Extras' menu.
  • Command line parser (ongoing)
    • --fullscreen '-f'
    • --url '-u'
    • --file '-p'
    • see and
  • Add DBUS support.
  • Customize the minimo's default SSR CSS file for the huge 77' display.
  • Static linkage of libstdc++ (avoid external stdc++6 installation).
  • Adding -Lpath at build time (avoid need of setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH).
    • see
  • Synchronizing maemo's virtual keyboard show up/hide events to html forms' focus in/out events.
  • 770 Hardware keys support

Any suggestion ?

I am not sure if all of them will be available for the 0.16 already, but I'll do my best ;)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Minimo 0.15 + PSM support (update)

I got both minimo and TestGtkEmbed browsering through some "security" sites. That's more than great. So, I'll clean up the code and submit a patch into the mozilla/minimo bugzilla asap ...

I've also debianized such build (Minimo 0.15) for the 770, but unfortunately couldn't test it out on my own 770 so far. Reason: I am not able to update my maemo image: "an invalid ID error" sucks. On my *old* image I got a libstdc++ incompatibility. (minimo requires libstdc++6 to run but it has .5 instead).

So, I'd be much appreciated if someone who I have already flashed the newest maemo image into your 770, could check if libstdc++6 is available,

$ ls -lah /usr/lib/libstdc++*

and if you succeed you can install minimo 0.15 as follows:

_Installing it:
  • Via AI
_Running it:

Nokia770-05: cd /var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo/
Nokia770-05: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.
Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# export DISPLAY=:0
Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# ./minimo

I've sent a question to dev-maemo asking about it my but nothing yet. Your feedback will be amazing ;)

--Antonio Gomes

Monday, April 03, 2006

MiniMo 0.14 running on 770

Last Friday, I spent some time making a .deb of the newest MiniMo (Mini Mozilla - 0.14) and that's what I can tell about it:
  • As faster as an end user can expect
  • 11 Mbs of footprint (GREAT !)
    • Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# du -sh
    • 10.7M
  • Has SSR and Pan !!!!
What makes me impressed was the fact of with any modification on the minimo source code, it runs on 770 very well (it's a XUL app not GTK) !

Congrats to Minimo Team. For more about it check dougt's post

Looking Forward to put MANaOS running over such a build. I hope doug can help here :)

_Installing it:
  • Via AI
_Running it:

Nokia770-05: cd /var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo/
Nokia770-05: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.
Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# export DISPLAY=:0
Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# ./minimo

--Antonio Gomes

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Change of plans - Manaos-Mozilla 0.1.4

From now on, MANaOS (Mozilla Browser) will be running over the maemo-mozilla-engine available at Nokia's official repository, which is btw much more frequently updated. So, all engine level efforts will be coming from there, at least until we get the whole engine sourcebase updated and synchronized to the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH (Firefox 1.5.0.x - 2.x trees).

Of course, all credits will be given to who has provided such package(s): Nokia and INdT.

ps: This is not a functionality release, instead we just aim to straighten the situation out. So, those who have installed 0.1.3 be warned that there is nothing new in terms of functionalities, and furthermore, it could bring back to some old bugs for a while (e.g. spatial navigation breakage - crashes on arrow keystroke). Of course 0.1.5 release will fix them up.

Steps to get 0.1.4 installed:
  • Users
    1. Download maemo-browser-mozilla-engine and manaos-maemo-minimo.
    2. Install both packages using AI.
  • for Development:
    • Put these lines to the /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb maemo1.1 free non-free
deb-src maemo1.1 free non-free

deb maemo1.1-extras free non-free
deb-src maemo1.1-extras free non-free
    • Run
      • fakeroot apt-get update
      • fakeroot apt-get install cpp-3.3
      • fakeroot apt-get install cpp
      • fakeroot apt-get install libidl0
      • fakeroot apt-get install maemo-browser-mozilla-engine
      • fakeroot apt-get install maemo-browser-mozilla-engine-dev
    • Compile or install BIA (bia-minimo-dev)
    • Compile Manaos
PS: Thanks "gotcha" at . You have opened my mind :)

Friday, March 17, 2006

MANaOS (Mozilla-based Web Browser) 0.1.3 out

Using MANaOS Web Browser to blog this.

0.1.3 version of MANaOS is out, comprising some really useful features:
  • concrete installation improvements: AI-able.
  • spatial navigation: jump between focusable elements though hardware arrows.
    • no crashes anymore.
  • draft zooming algorithm (not as faster speed-wise opera's).
  • small redrawing improvements.
  • minor bug fixes like:
    • Find - search for a text in webpage.
    • Block pop-up window - It's better block them to avoid crashes ... It sucks, I know.
    • Set default "home" page (no more at all)
    • SSL(2) and JS support via MENU->SETTINGS
    • hiding Vkb after pressing 'GO' and so on ...

Instructions about uninstalling previous versions (if you have gave them a try) can be found here or in the case you have installed them via x-term
$ sudo gainroot
$ dpkg -r manaos-maemo-minimo
$ dpkg -r manaos-mozilla-engine

ps: ignoring warnings you get.
ps2: if none of them work, drop me an e-mail or post a comment.

Known bugs:
  • Open new window, including pop-up window.
  • Context sensitive menus are not working properly some times.
  • preferences stuff: writing them down in the "wrong" setting file.
  • Image zoom fails sometimes
    • improvements were already implemented but not packaged.
  • Themes look-like improvements (eliminate wasted space in toolbar)
  • zooming improvements
  • new window stuff working

Afonso Costa has been working on MANaOS recently. He's doing it GREATLY.

--Antonio Gomes

Friday, March 03, 2006

MANaOS 0.1.2 is out - update

This unstable development release is a bit more end-user-friendly and features:
  • some installation improvements
    • "dpkg -i" not required anymore.
    • targeting /var/lib/install/usr/... instead of straight on "/"
  • Launching from "Extra Menuicon"
    • no root required to launching it any more
    • history segfault fixed
  • Source code partially redesigned.
  • Virtual Keyboard improvements (still have problems as reported here - jay's comment)
    • synchronization between it and HTML forms.
    • it stopped popping-up everytime.

Cool chinese rendering screenshot from pawa"

_getting 0.1.2 installed
  1. gettting new AI-installable MANaOS .debs (gnuite-ITT rocks ! many thanks) - old ones are here.
  2. installing them via AI.
  3. running it from "Extras" menuicon
_stable version (0.2)

We've decided do not publishing MANaOS' source code until we have a stable version (0.2) of it running well, as well as:
  • minor bug fixes (multi appviews support and main entry expansion |minimizing)
  • draft zooming capabilities
  • installation via A.I.
(more about the coming releases here and an enjoyable discussion about 0.1.2 ITT).

ps : A "great job congrat" Afonso Rabelo and Tomaz Noleto for their efforts on .deb templates and code redesign.

ps2 : keep dropping me mails with suggestions, doubts, whatever.

ps3: thanks to gnuite's debs and effots

tonikitoo at gmail dot com

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting MANaOS Browser 0.1.1 RC installed on arm

First of all, getting MANaOS installed on the 77 device at this stage is a little bit a hacking/boring job :p


1) Getting a xterm emulator - It can be installed via AI :)
2) Getting .debs (only manaos-mozilla-engine and manaos itself are required)
manaos-maemo-minimo_0.1.0-1_arm.deb  18-Feb-2006 10:41   77K
manaos-mozilla-engine_0.2.0-1_arm.deb 18-Feb-2006 11:00 5.7M
3) gain root access
$ sudo gainroot

4) ln -s /var/lib/install/var/lib/dpkg /var/lib/dpkg
(by max)

5) install them
$ dpkg -i manaos-maemo-minimo_0.1.0-1_arm.deb
$ dpkg -i manaos-mozilla-engine_0.2.0-1_arm.deb

6) run it
$ cd /usr/lib/minimo
$ ./ /usr/bin/manaos

ps: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH should not be required, but if it is let me know, please

TBD: Installing all the files into /var/lib/install/ instead of directly to /

Antonio Gomes

Friday, February 17, 2006

MANaOS 0.1.1 RC1 is out

I'm finally launching MANaOS Web Browser 0.1.1 RC for both ARM and i386 as well as making its sourcebase also available at here.

But what is MANaOS ?

The project itself is an open source initiative aiming to provide a mozilla-based and "full" web compliant Browser for the maEmo platform. (see here for more about it). It was in standby since of June 2005, because of no time in this meanwhile. But, we hope to get you monthly releases, at least.

About 0.1.1 RC version and what's coming ...

This is the RC which will lead up to 0.2. So, please drop me emails with bugs, suggestions, whatever ;) Thus, as all development releases it has a _long_ list of TODO tasks (see bellow) as well as a _not-as-long_ list of bugs to be fixed. But it works for most of the web sites we tested (check cool screenshots out). Now, regarding the coming_soon releases, I can tell you it will features spatial navigation and an 10-times optimized version of the zooming algorithm, and virtual keyboard/HTML forms synchronization.

TODO list

solving the multi-appviews problemTODO - EASY
make it installable from AI
TODO - Coming to 0.2
main entry expandingTODO - EASY
fixing up the set_profile methodDONE - Coming to 0.2
ssl/nss log-in. TODO - specially fails
speeding up the zooming
TODO - Coming 0.2
panningTODO - have a look at grab-n-drag
Encoding support
TODO - Coming to 0.3
plug-insTODO - missing flash-arm-plug-in
download managerTODO - not that hard
better history - using mozilla's history.datTODO - not that hard
Entire code redesign
TODO - Coming to 0.2/0.3

footprint reduction
TODO - hacking chrome/

updating the engine source base
TODO - (see bug) Coming to 0.3

better matching theme
TODO - Coming to 0.3

in bold - coming with 0.2
red - coming with 0.3

Thanks to Andre Pedralho, Tomaz Noleto, Afonso Rabelo (great .debs template !!!), Diego Gonzalez and Elmano Carvalho, (coders of MANaOS so far) and also who was waiting for it.

(sorry for the long awaited time and send me back bugs you found ;)).

Antonio Gomes
http:// tonikitoo (dot) blogspot (dot) com

Thursday, February 09, 2006

openGL and Mozilla (posting using 770)

uBrowser (mozilla-based browser) screenshot

an image like as above can say more than words, but here we go anyways (this time, from my Nokia 770)

It seems like there are some softwares/corporations getting them activities somehow involved with the OpenGL 3D rendering multiplatform library (among them, I can tell Adobe and Mozilla, for instance).

It's really impressing what such a library makes possible you to do in a easy way. Well, to a _programmer_, OpenGL is a set of commands that allow the specification of geometric objects in two or three dimensions, together with commands that control how these objects are rendered into the framebuffer. For the most part, OpenGL provides an immediate-mode interface, meaning that specifying an object causes it to be drawn.

But what made me pay it a special attention was the launching of ubrowser.

"It is a simple Web Browser that illustrates one way of embedding the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine into a standalone application using LibXUL. In this case, the contents of the page is grabbed as it's being rendered and displayed as a texture on some geometry using OpenGL. You are able to interact with the page (mostly) normally and visit (almost) any site that works correctly with Firefox1.5.", says its author.

Friday, January 27, 2006

MiniMo (Mozilla for small devices) half-2006 roadmap is out

DougT, leadership of MiniMo Project, has published the roadmap for the first 6 months of 2006. It includes some outstanding features:

__the following ones will sure rock the boat (if you will):
  • Footprint and performance
  • Content rendering and small screen rendering
  • Customization and extension system enabling
  • Improvements in the build, development, testing, release, and project management infrastructure
  • Review of Mobile devices and competitive analysis in the mobile space
  • Migration to Cairo -> this one specially makes me scratch my hair ...
Badly, there is no mention neither of Linux nor GTK stuff at all(only WinCE and XUL), but I'm sure it'll work for us though, "linuxans" :)

--from Doug's blog at
see for more detailed/technical description

for more about it: read out MINIMO ON 770 ;)

--Antonio Gomes