Friday, January 27, 2006

MiniMo (Mozilla for small devices) half-2006 roadmap is out

DougT, leadership of MiniMo Project, has published the roadmap for the first 6 months of 2006. It includes some outstanding features:

__the following ones will sure rock the boat (if you will):
  • Footprint and performance
  • Content rendering and small screen rendering
  • Customization and extension system enabling
  • Improvements in the build, development, testing, release, and project management infrastructure
  • Review of Mobile devices and competitive analysis in the mobile space
  • Migration to Cairo -> this one specially makes me scratch my hair ...
Badly, there is no mention neither of Linux nor GTK stuff at all(only WinCE and XUL), but I'm sure it'll work for us though, "linuxans" :)

--from Doug's blog at
see for more detailed/technical description

for more about it: read out MINIMO ON 770 ;)

--Antonio Gomes