Friday, November 24, 2006

What is about to come ???? - update

Follows a list of features I'll be working for minimo maemo port for the next couple days:

  • Add hardware key support (especially zoom_in/out and fullscreen).
  • Updating minimo through default Maemo's Application Manager has problems.
  • implement context sensitive menus for a stylus-oriented device.
  • missing "home bar". (where is it ???)
  • bookmark are not being properly persisted. (not yet implemented in minimo ???)
  • Hack built-in flash plugin to make it work with minimo.
  • make proxy work for FTP and HTTPS protocols.
  • default home setting does not work.
  • investigate crash on - maybe certificate ?
  • problems inputting hebrew, russian, finish characters via vkb.
minor ones:
  • clipboard operations (cut, copy and paste)
  • track mozilla bug (minimo exits crashing if X button if pressed)
  • try to fix download dialog crash.
  • 'open file' does not work.
  • remove 'pushd/popd' commands from run-minimo script uses - they seem to be not supported. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • proxy are not being set properly via vkb. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • keep tarsbar on the top on fullscreen mode by default. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • add menu item for toggle on/off spatial navigation / scrolling via arrow buttons. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • remove 'enable ssr' and 'Set minimo as default browser' check buttons from preferences-general tab. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • addind back ' X' button for tab closing. (FIXED in 0.16.8-2)
  • look for a rotate screen solution.

ps : this list might grow up. It depends only on your feedback. Feel free to suggest anything.

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Newest minimo coming with patches available.

Wow, after a "busy" Sunday (actually I woke up at 2 PM :)) I finally I got newest mozilla minimo cvs snapshot (18th Nov) built on maemo i386 environment. Even better, I got all my patches uptodated as well as a directory struture for building it. It looks like:

[sbox-maemo2-i386: ~/minimo/newest] > ls -R minimo/newest/


armel-specific failed general maemo-specific old ongoing

buildfix_lots.diff buildfix_missing_chk_files.diff buildfix_preparea_and_dispatch_arm_sbox.diff old

075_OPTIMIZATIONS_xpcom_arm.diff 145_MAEMO_cs_mthumb_hack.diff 185_MAEMO_CODESOURCERY_hack_prdtoa.diff buildfix_shligsign_arm_sbox.diff

185_MAEMO_CODESOURCERY_hack_prdtoa.diff minimo_shared.patch

ongoing runfix_encryto.diff runfix_gtkmozembed.diff


adding_debian_folder.diff adding_maemo_specific_files.diff disable_ssr_component.diff fullscreen_stuff_and_disable_google_view.diff prefs.diff softkb.diff~
adding_maemo_specific_code.diff bigger_menu_default_font_size.diff fix_loggin_bustage_mika.diff linking_against_dbus_and_osso_stuff.diff softkb.diff

adding_debian_folder.diff psm_working_on_minimo.diff.bak update_linux_package.patch


I am building it to armel right now, tomorrow I will see how good it runs on maemo 2.1. Hopefully, minimo will also
completely move to garage.maemo soon. Keep tuned.

--Antonio Gomes

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Firefox 2.0 and Helsinki Lauching Party - update

ps: This post is TOO LATE :)

We have a launching party also here in Helsinki for celebrating Firefox 2.0 releasing. Some goods shots ...

Check some of its new features out.

--Antonio Gomes