Thursday, February 09, 2006

openGL and Mozilla (posting using 770)

uBrowser (mozilla-based browser) screenshot

an image like as above can say more than words, but here we go anyways (this time, from my Nokia 770)

It seems like there are some softwares/corporations getting them activities somehow involved with the OpenGL 3D rendering multiplatform library (among them, I can tell Adobe and Mozilla, for instance).

It's really impressing what such a library makes possible you to do in a easy way. Well, to a _programmer_, OpenGL is a set of commands that allow the specification of geometric objects in two or three dimensions, together with commands that control how these objects are rendered into the framebuffer. For the most part, OpenGL provides an immediate-mode interface, meaning that specifying an object causes it to be drawn.

But what made me pay it a special attention was the launching of ubrowser.

"It is a simple Web Browser that illustrates one way of embedding the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine into a standalone application using LibXUL. In this case, the contents of the page is grabbed as it's being rendered and displayed as a texture on some geometry using OpenGL. You are able to interact with the page (mostly) normally and visit (almost) any site that works correctly with Firefox1.5.", says its author.

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