Thursday, December 06, 2007

MicroB's spellchecker extension

These past days, I've been testing the just released version of Spellcheck extension for MicroB, and I'd say that even with all MicroB UI constraints for addon development including no XUL, XBL, overlay (no extensible UI) it is a great work.

Follows some usability scenarios that could be improved, though (spellcheck has to be installed).
  1. Through "about:config" page, set the "layout.spellcheckDefault" to '2' and go to default browser home page.
  2. Install the russian dictionary, and change you default input method language to Russian as well.
  3. Mistype any word in Russian and it won't get underlined (indication a mistyping), once the default 'en-US' dictionary is the one in use.
  • It is not possible right now to users to switch the a dictionary w/out having to mistype any word in the currently used dictionary language, double tap it, and change the dictionary from the prompted Select dialog. Suggestions ?
  1. I am a user and I want to know what is the currently used dictionary , how to do this ? Only going to 'about:config' and searching for 'spellcheker.dictionary' value.
  • Couldn't it get indicated in any of the dialogs' title that spellchecker prompts out ?

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com

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