Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trip to São Carlos (SP/Br) and Mozilla Community Build Brazil Event

So, since Monday (Jun/25) I've been in São Carlos (São Paulo) in order to get in touch with Marcio Galli (taboca - thanks for the hospitality) and brainstorm about some ideas we have. In resume, what I can say is it was very productive trip.

Marcio has been involved with web technologies and mainly Mozilla stuff since early Netscape times (back to 1997 or so), so his background in his area is notable. Basically, we talked about some general MiniMo issues, like usability and features, as well as ways of pushing it to Linux devices (maybe OpenMoko ?).

In that sense, I could show him MiniMo running on the n800 device, and I asked him about what could be done (UI-wise) to improve n800 users' web surfing experience. I got good input on this, and I hope to be packing them up in minimo 0.21 for maemo soon.

The last day (Jun/27) was the best one. I got some minimo upstream Linux specific bugs under my responsibility, which is great and will take me definitively to the XUL world. Furthermore, Offline Browsering and OS Firefox were subjects of a nice talk we had in taboca's office. I will be blogging about it specifically soon as well. Loooooots of ideas came up .....

Happily, I could also participate to the Mozilla Community Build Brazil, an community effort event which intends to learn more about Internet habits of specific countries and find out local ways to spread and increase market share of Firefox in them. It is been headed by Asa and JT from Mozilla. Here are some pics of it. They realized, for example, the potential of orkut in Brazil, and so why not making "Firefox as an easier Orkut tool" for almost 20 million users here ;).

Btw, I will be working on a Firefox extension for orkut my free time (more about it later on) !!!

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com


luc said...

hi antonio,
thanks fot the effort in porting minimo.
why do you think minimio is coming together so slowly?
it took 3 years form 0.1 to 0.2...mozilla should put a lot more effort into this with mobile devices booming(just look at gnome mobile, ubuntu mobile, openmoko, intel mid, etc.)

Antonio said...

there have been a bunch on target devices to minimo running linux now , which it great ... but I can not about for Mozilla, but I agree w/ you ... and I would love to get some $ to help to make it happen ;)

but minimo is pretty usable now. there are problems w/ download, file open and certificates, but it mainly browsers the web just fine ... there are specific issues of specific devices ... I will try it out on openmoko in the future, I hope ;) , regarding ubuntu mobile, porting it would not be that hard once maemo/hildon are going to be there as well ;)

Anonymous said...


I would like to say thank you for your excellent work on MiniMo for Maemo platform!

Where can I find changelog from 0.20.1 to 0.20.2 version?

Antonio said...

hi andrey ...

it is available at