Monday, March 26, 2007

BOSSA - Browser Lunch BOF

During the BOSSA conference we had a very productive discussion about browser trends in mobile/embedded market, some Mozilla plans in this regard (not only minimo=), as well as ideas for pushing minimo on linux embedded, SoC projects (???) and so on. It was there Ilias, Henry, Anderson and I (from INdT) and Chris Hoffman and Marcio Galli (from Mozilla).
  • Porting some WinCE specific features to linux:
    • Context sensitive menus (partially done)
    • minimo/components/gps/
    • minimo/components/softkb (ported to maemo already)
    • minimo/components/phone/
    • minimo/components/device/
  • SoC:
    • "webpage content summary": a graph model of a single web page is made up of hundreds of basic elements that are linked to each other in a very complex manner. Such structure is similar to the whole Internet, which is also made up of many interrelated web pages. The main point here is applying Information Retrieval techniques into webpages, providing a content zoomed page. Focus: reduced screen mobile devices.
    • Development of mobile web applications which use FOF for relationship networks.
  • Joey Project: Marcio, Doug and Chis are behind this.
  • Launching Minimo 0.2 . They believe minimo has reached a mature enough stage so that it can get launched ... lets wait ! ;)
  • "Local web served widgets as a means to access the OS built-in apps and
    functions". It rocks, but I can talk much ... ;)
  • Usability improvements of minimo for not-so-educed-screen devices, like n800 and n770. Some SVG stuff already done by Marcio, and already available at newest minimo maemo port releases. What else do we need ?
Well, time to put hands on them.

--Antonio Gomes

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Anonymous said...

great post ... any plans for xulrunner port ?