Friday, November 24, 2006

What is about to come ???? - update

Follows a list of features I'll be working for minimo maemo port for the next couple days:

  • Add hardware key support (especially zoom_in/out and fullscreen).
  • Updating minimo through default Maemo's Application Manager has problems.
  • implement context sensitive menus for a stylus-oriented device.
  • missing "home bar". (where is it ???)
  • bookmark are not being properly persisted. (not yet implemented in minimo ???)
  • Hack built-in flash plugin to make it work with minimo.
  • make proxy work for FTP and HTTPS protocols.
  • default home setting does not work.
  • investigate crash on - maybe certificate ?
  • problems inputting hebrew, russian, finish characters via vkb.
minor ones:
  • clipboard operations (cut, copy and paste)
  • track mozilla bug (minimo exits crashing if X button if pressed)
  • try to fix download dialog crash.
  • 'open file' does not work.
  • remove 'pushd/popd' commands from run-minimo script uses - they seem to be not supported. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • proxy are not being set properly via vkb. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • keep tarsbar on the top on fullscreen mode by default. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • add menu item for toggle on/off spatial navigation / scrolling via arrow buttons. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • remove 'enable ssr' and 'Set minimo as default browser' check buttons from preferences-general tab. (FIXED in 0.16.8-1)
  • addind back ' X' button for tab closing. (FIXED in 0.16.8-2)
  • look for a rotate screen solution.

ps : this list might grow up. It depends only on your feedback. Feel free to suggest anything.

--Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com


Maxilogan said...

Hi! What I would like in Minimo is a default "pan" option versus a switchable "select" function (reversing the actual behaviour).
In fact there is usually more need to pan a page than to select something from it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Antonio - I've just installed 0.16.8-1 and noticed a few new bugs:

1. Can't change default homepage - always reverts to the google default;
2. Close icon is missing from tabs, have to use the menu to close tabs;
3. Preference pages go blank when clicking on Save;
4. Preference dialogs only appear to take up 1/3rd of the available horizontal screen space

Also I agree with Maxilogan - default (or at least option) should be to pan/scroll rather than select... rarely do I want to select text in a web page, most often I want to scroll as I read the page.

Looking good otherwise, keep up the great work! :)

Anonymous said...

Aha... I've just noticed that "Pan" is actually an option in the menu - duh! :) Would be nice if this could be made a "sticky" option.

Antonio said...


* home page problem -> reproducible. I'll take a look today.

* X button for tab closing -> Added to todo list


philip said...

Hi just installed 16.8-1 and there is an missing

Greetings Philip

Antonio said...

philip, are you running it like:



via menu->extras->minimo


philip said...

Hi Antonio,

I use both with the same error

Antonio said...

philip: try uninstalling/installing it again, please. It might be a known issue, if your updated from 0.16.8 from 0.16.any_old_version.

milhouse, fixed problem with missing X for tab closing.

philip said...

Hi Antonio,

thanks for the reply. I uninstall and install again. Now I get an segfault. The 16.7 was working good. I am using the 2006.2 version. The only that is changed Is that i installed canola. Maybe there is some new library installed as wel. I will try to uninstall canola an try again.

gr, Philip

philip said...

Hi Antonio,

I just found the solution for the segfault. I deleted the .mozilla dir in my user dir and minimo is working again.



Anonymous said...

I installed .16.8-2 and am having a problem setting the proxy as described in a previous bug. I set it in preferences, click save, then reload minimo and the proxy field is empty?

Anonymous said...

Two hebrew related problems that persist thru all versions:

1. UTF8 encoded hebrew pages display OK. But 8 bit hebrew pages (iso-8859-8, iso-8859-8-i,windows-1255) display as if they are latin (iso-8859-1) pages. See for example
where 224-250 should show hebrew letters, but show umlauted latin letters instead.

2. Two byte input appears not to work. This happens both with my hacked hebrew keyboard, as well as with included keyboards (greek, russian). When a key is pressed, the two bytes appear as two different characters.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

It is going to be exiting to run this new browser! Thanks for all!

Do you know if it would be possible to run the on 770? I have tried everything without success to login to the site..

Thanks!! / Martin

Antonio said...

matan, added to updated TODO list.

anonymous, I will test it at home and tell you ;)

Jay said...

Hi Antonio,

After a long hiatus w/o a 770 I am back! I wanted to first congratulate you on some excellent hacking, minimo is capable of so much more than the built-in Opera browser! I can usually have 2-4 tabs (tabs, Nokia!) open at once, with not too much slowdown. Usually one of these tabs is a javascript heavy page such as google reader or gmail. I also found how to get privoxy running on minimo. It didn't seem to stick unless I went to about:config and changed the settings there. But now it works fine. I was also able to set a cache, which significantly speeds up browsing the same site over and over. You totally rule! As far as features, I would love integration with the hardware buttons, and the ability to copy and paste text, even if just from the vkbd.

Anonymous said...

I used Minimo for the first time today, I´m fine with it.

The major bugs are already on your list, the minor ones, too. I got a problem with

It looks terrible with Minimo but you are able to log in. With Opera it looks just fine but you aren´t ablöe to log in.
So maybe there´s a way to fix it. Keep your attention to more important fixes, anyway :)

Peter said...

There seems to be a memory problem as well. I'm going to try to track it down when I can, but I got to nearly full memory usage on my 770 while only using minimo.

Other than that, copy/paste and persistent bookmarks are my highest priorities. Sometime after early February, I may be able to help debug and/or code some of this, too.

Thanks for the work,