Tuesday, July 25, 2006

minimo special effort (part II) - update

After releasing 3 RC .debs of the maemo/nokia 770 minimo port, and having got lots of feedback, bugs and suggestion, I decided to blog about them. Follows what I think are the most relevant issues to be done:
  • fix browsing through security site (PARTIALLY DONE - mail.yahoo.com(.xx) works with some magic tricks only).
  • implement an easy way to leave fullscreen mode (DONE - via bottombar).
  • improve input fields and virtual keyboard interaction.
  • autocomplete widget forces you to click twice to remove focus from it (maybe this is no device specific bug, I have to file this into bugzilla)
  • improving my way of packing up: set up a repository for minimo and its dependecies missing on maemo 2.0 image.
  • make all patches available asap.

  • implement 770 Hardware keys support (e.g. ZOOM_IN crashes it)
  • implement timers to context sensitive menus (it works only on x86 through right-button mouse click - have to file this as a bug).
  • implement command line parser support bug 334019
  • implement dbus service for minimo. It would avoid having more then one instance of it running at the same time (btw, dbus-xpcom binding has been announced recently).
  • fix fs browsing support (it crashes when I type /usr or /etc - although it works for /etf/fstab)

  • improve ssr (css file) - it makes rendering extremely ugly if on SSR mode (disabled)
  • make default font bigger (possible adding an observer on preference system) (workarounded)
  • fix segfault on window closing.
  • maybe implement a portrait mode view ???
read - critical
blue - that'd be great
black - I could live without it

Other issues:

- gmaps misvisualizing - works for me, though.
- lacking of svg, mathml and cairo.
- testing rendering of some Chinese, Japanese and Arabian encoded websites (ah.sima ???)

any thinkg else ? just mail me.

I wish to have any fund on this :p, after all funding means time !

-- Antonio Gomes


Anonymous said...

great to here from you again :-)

a very big list – I think the most important thing would be to make the patches available, so that others might help you with your list

Anonymous said...

printing would be cool too ..