Thursday, July 06, 2006

minimo 016.1 (maemo port) available - update

New minimo 016.1 .deb available. It's getting better ;)

$ more mozilla/debian/changelog

minimo (0.16.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

* Trunk updated (July 04)
* Automated build/packing initial version ( , tarball ,
patches) working
* Fixed lack of entry on task navigator by adding StartupWMClass=minimo into
.desktop file. Minimizing it possible now :) - thanks henry.
* made default webpages font bigger
* made preferences/menus font bigger
* ssr (minimo/components/ssr) component temporarily disabled.

minimo (0.16.1-0) unstable; urgency=low

* added initial dbus-glib implementation, fixing the "system is killing me
after few seconds" problem.
* packed libXt, libSM and libICE together into .deb


Please, any suggestion, bug report or whatever is welcome via comment, email or bugzilla .

ps: check menus at window right and left bottom corner for functionalities.

-- Antonio Gomes


Anonymous said...

works great
google spreaadsheat works
google calander works
the context menu would be great to toggle out of fullscrean mode

Anonymous said...

seems like you're now putting out builds nearly nightly


Anonymous said...

Really nice to see something like this in 770 land. Eagerly waiting for a bit more "maemo integrated" versions; current look is a bit rough compared to rest of the 2006OS. Browsing and tabs worked like a charm.


Anonymous said...

google personalized home now works in this version! thank you!

Anonymous said...

great work. much more useful now.

1. pan mode as default is prefered; or add a pan/select switch icon at bottom url bar.

2. when enter full screen mode, url input will disapear and this make browser can not use (can not input url anymore). can not recover even when re-install minimo. (delete .mozilla directory at /home/user may solve this);

3. https many not work. this make google authentiation will not work and many google service (need pass authentiation)can not be used.

4. add a 'go back' icon at bottom of url bar may make it more accessible.

5. when '+' key is pressed, minimo is killed and minimo window will disapear.

6. can not start with home url after set home url in preference.


Anonymous said...

Great job so far!

This will make the 770 for me at least way more web functional.

Problems: Cant go to a url from the url field, the go button isnt going anywhere.
Setting a default web page isnt working.
Saved bookmarks arent saved.
Need to address full screen mode problem.
homebar gone when in full screen mode.
Could home bar be moved to horizontal and maybe be accessed by the top minimo menu?
Only keyboard i can access is thumb board, am i doing something wrong here?
Would like to be able to use my BlueTooth keyboard with the app.
Connect the appropriate keys as they need be contextual menu/back/fullscreen/zoom.

Keep up the great work, love it so far!

Anonymous said...

this is good - unlike opera it does work with exchange webmail servers - so i can read my work email. Brilliant!

Jay said...

Hey, good to see progress is coming swiftly with the new 2006 OS. As stated earlier, I don't have a 770 anymore, but I'm interested as an observer to see how this pans out for the other 770 users out there. Looks like things are going great. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

could you add something like

function DoFullScreen(fullscreen)
//document.getElementById("nav-bar").hidden = fullscreen;
document.getElementById("nav-bar").hidden = false;

in minimo/chrome/minimo.jar/content/minimo/minimo.js (line 1441)?

Antonio said...

I took notes of all suggestions. The previous one is particulary usefull ... thanks, anonymous

I'll releasing it today yet ...

Charlie said...

Que trabalho viu! Se puder chegar como o ananimo de 5:49PM vou ser muito feliz...

WOW - amazing work! If I can get to the point of the anonymous from 5:49PM I'm going to be really happy...

Anonymous said...

does anyone else have problems like


with handwriting recog in minimo?

Anonymous said...

can we have svg/mathml in your builds? (maybe even cairo)

Antonio said...

Haven't tried handwriting recog in minimo so far . I'll tell you as soon as I do.

Anonymous said...

thanks for looking at it.

to precise the problem (the last comment was written on the 770 in a hurry):
when you write several characters and then wait for them to be recognized the first character(s) will be inserted multiple times. I have the same problem in xterm though, so this might be a more general problem and not a minimo-specific one ...

Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.