Thursday, June 29, 2006

Some progresses on ARM

Ubuntu (dapper) is great for home using, but there is nothing better then our good and old friend Debian for devel :). While using Ubuntu as development platform, I was able to build minimo for i386 and arm, but always when I tried run it on n770/maemo2.0 it failed. Since then, I've been spending part of my rare free time producing debug builds, strace'ing it, blablabla and nothing 'till today.

So unintentionally I did it all again using a fresh debian sarge machine (set up with same toolchain, rootstraps, compilers). Follows the results:


brazilian soccer idols

minimo in fullscreen mode

minimo in fullscreen mode (and vkb popped up)

I am cleaning patches up just now and .deb is about to upload.

--Antonio Gomes


Anonymous said...

Great! So it's now like waiting for Christmas to wait for you .deb ... :-)

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT.

Waiting for your .deb release.

Wish it support displaying Chinese.

Jay said...

Man, and I just sold my 770 this week to help pay for my new MacBook. I will miss it, and especially your constant tweaking of Minimo to run on the device. I'll be watching, but without the ability to try it on a device anymore.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for your release. I wish you all the best that you'll have it out soon :-)

Antonio said...

what a shame , jay. You had been one of my best testers :) Many Thanks

anyway, I think you will buy another one soon. Trust to me ;)

Antonio said...

anonymous, (maybe ah.sima)

do you have any chinese test case ?

Anonymous said...


Please test the yahoo chinese website:
US sina website
they are traditional chinese
for simplified chinese website
The chinese font is simhei.ttf

Many thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

when will your .deb finally be there?

Antonio said...

I haven't released it yet because maemo image release misses some libraries at run-time. Anyway, I solved it copying them from armel-sdk rootstrap to minimo's lib directory on the device, and it worked fine. Now I have just to repack minimo with these libraries within .deb

on monday, for sure ...

thanks for your waiting :)

Anonymous said...

monday will be a great day :-)

thank you

Anonymous said...

Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!