Saturday, May 20, 2006

Minimo 0.16 Nokia 770 Special Efforts (update)

Follows are some topics we think are suitable to make minimo Mozilla suitable for the Nokia 770:

  • Provide an AI-able .deb (DONE)
  • Adding an icon on 'Extras' menu.
  • Command line parser (ongoing)
    • --fullscreen '-f'
    • --url '-u'
    • --file '-p'
    • see and
  • Add DBUS support.
  • Customize the minimo's default SSR CSS file for the huge 77' display.
  • Static linkage of libstdc++ (avoid external stdc++6 installation).
  • Adding -Lpath at build time (avoid need of setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH).
    • see
  • Synchronizing maemo's virtual keyboard show up/hide events to html forms' focus in/out events.
  • 770 Hardware keys support

Any suggestion ?

I am not sure if all of them will be available for the 0.16 already, but I'll do my best ;)


Anonymous said...

I vote for usability and stability before installation and menu fixes. I hope this will make progress before OS2006 arrives.
I'm staying with with 2005 due to binary incompatibility with applications not available as source.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in the builds you are producing (I downloaded the .15 deb) - I run an ipaq h2215, not a n770 and the debian is calling out a dependency of 'maemo' - I was able to get it to install with an: 'ipkg -nodeps install ....' but it won't run.

First was a libstdc++6 dependency, which I was able to resolve, but I am now seeing it fail on a shared library of libplds4 (I can't find this library in any of my feeds)

Any idea if there is a Familiar Linux compatible deb or ipk avail?

Thanks in advance,
email=name@webpage for any replies

Antonio said...


what stability problem could you point out? Your feedback would be more than appreciated ;)

Antonio said...


I haven't tried the .deb I made on other device different from the 770.

what I can tell is the only think which makes "my" .deb maemo spefic is the "maemmo" at debian/control

Depends: maemo

anyways, it seems you have solved it already, as well as the libstdc++6 incompability, right ?

so go the minimo dir (/usr/lib/minimo I suppose) and

$ ./minimo

if it does not work,
what you get ? and please, ls the content of this directory ?

Anonymous said...

What I primarily mean as stability would be the problem with:
Touch the wrong place (icon) and minimo crashes.
Touch the wrong hardware button and minimo crashes.
I guess those fall in with usability mostly.
Notes by another user in another thread suggested getting hardware buttons usable to go back and forth from full screen, those would be great.

Antonio said...

thanks david ,

These are really issues. List updated ;)

Anonymous said...

a portrait (90 degrees rotation) view would be nice

Anonymous said...

a portrait would be one of the best features ever