Monday, April 03, 2006

MiniMo 0.14 running on 770

Last Friday, I spent some time making a .deb of the newest MiniMo (Mini Mozilla - 0.14) and that's what I can tell about it:
  • As faster as an end user can expect
  • 11 Mbs of footprint (GREAT !)
    • Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# du -sh
    • 10.7M
  • Has SSR and Pan !!!!
What makes me impressed was the fact of with any modification on the minimo source code, it runs on 770 very well (it's a XUL app not GTK) !

Congrats to Minimo Team. For more about it check dougt's post

Looking Forward to put MANaOS running over such a build. I hope doug can help here :)

_Installing it:
  • Via AI
_Running it:

Nokia770-05: cd /var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo/
Nokia770-05: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.
Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# export DISPLAY=:0
Nokia770-05:/var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo# ./minimo

--Antonio Gomes


Anonymous said...

really great news!!!

looking forward the .deb file to install it!!

Anonymous said...

AI install deb. Yay, is it possible to wrap the startup into a script that can be added to the menu for wasy startup?

Antonio said...

of course ... I'll be making it more user friendly along these week, and making startup from menu possible is on the top :)

Anonymous said...

alas, I get a segfault :(

Antonio said...

opssss ...

set our LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /var/lib/install/usr/lib/minimo

Anonymous said...

antonio, seem I'm crashing when trying to open any of the "homebase bar" links in tabs. do you see that?

good work getting this going!


Antonio said...


if "homebase bar" is the vertical one on the left side of the window, I can open link from there in new tabs with no problems ...

is it what you meant ?

Anonymous said...

yes. I'll see if I can do some more testing and debugging to figure out why I'm crashing when hitting any of the homebase buttons.

Anonymous said...

argh -- added the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to my shell script, but still segfaulting.

Antonio said...

humm weird ...

I'll be flashing my 770 with a open-maemo image and check if it's a problem with the image itself

it seems like some people running old maemo-images getting segfault

Anonymous said...

mis-match of registered components inf the "compreg" file can cause start up crashes, and will do so frequently of the install process doesn't remove the old one, or if old components are left around from the previous install. try removing that file and restarting.