Friday, March 17, 2006

MANaOS (Mozilla-based Web Browser) 0.1.3 out

Using MANaOS Web Browser to blog this.

0.1.3 version of MANaOS is out, comprising some really useful features:
  • concrete installation improvements: AI-able.
  • spatial navigation: jump between focusable elements though hardware arrows.
    • no crashes anymore.
  • draft zooming algorithm (not as faster speed-wise opera's).
  • small redrawing improvements.
  • minor bug fixes like:
    • Find - search for a text in webpage.
    • Block pop-up window - It's better block them to avoid crashes ... It sucks, I know.
    • Set default "home" page (no more at all)
    • SSL(2) and JS support via MENU->SETTINGS
    • hiding Vkb after pressing 'GO' and so on ...

Instructions about uninstalling previous versions (if you have gave them a try) can be found here or in the case you have installed them via x-term
$ sudo gainroot
$ dpkg -r manaos-maemo-minimo
$ dpkg -r manaos-mozilla-engine

ps: ignoring warnings you get.
ps2: if none of them work, drop me an e-mail or post a comment.

Known bugs:
  • Open new window, including pop-up window.
  • Context sensitive menus are not working properly some times.
  • preferences stuff: writing them down in the "wrong" setting file.
  • Image zoom fails sometimes
    • improvements were already implemented but not packaged.
  • Themes look-like improvements (eliminate wasted space in toolbar)
  • zooming improvements
  • new window stuff working

Afonso Costa has been working on MANaOS recently. He's doing it GREATLY.

--Antonio Gomes


Jay said...

i got the older version uninstalled, and installed the latest release tonight. i'm amazed that nearly every week there is an update! great work. feels a lot more stable. still sluggish, but i do notice the improvement. one minor flaw i've noticed: when navigating to a page where the site auto focuses on a text entry field the keyboard pops up. not a big deal, since it's obviously still in beta, but i thought you'd like to know. another interesting thing i've noticed is that it seems to take the same amount of time if you click the up or down button on the scrollbar or if you click on the open space to scroll down one full page. you would think that the scroll button would be quicker than a full page up or down, but i guess manaos is redrawing the entire screen for both actions? anyway, congrats on the new release, i look forward to seeing how this progresses. any chance of you guys getting official recognition from mozilla?

Antonio said...


>when navigating to a page where the >site auto focuses on a text entry >field the keyboard pops up.

You meant like google ? Well, it'd be an expected behaviour.Would you prefer keeping it hide ?

>another interesting thing i've >noticed is that it seems to take >the same amount of time if you >click the up or down button on the >scrollbar or if you click on the >open space to scroll down one full >page.

this is a really open problem. I'm investigating the how much default mozilla redrawing actions rely on float points (asking the community). Furthermore, a static build of the engine instead of the current shared ones would unduplicate some binary codes we have now, making the performance better ...

> any chance of you guys getting
> official recognition from mozilla?

this would be great ! What king if recognition you meant ?

Anyway, I have good IM talks with Doug Turner from MiniMo/Mozilla Foundation. Great Guy

Jay said...

i don't really know much about open source software, but wouldn't it be nice if they eventually recognized all the work you and others are putting into this port?

thanks for the response. i'm not trying to push you for answers or anything, i just wanted to provide you with some feedback.

as for the auto-focus on and others, i prefer the behavior of the opera browser, that is the text entry field is highlighted but the keyboard doesn't pop up yet. i imagine others would prefer the manaos method. not saying it needs to be changed, that's just my petsonal preference.

again, i really enjoy this project and i'm looking forward to future releases!

Antonio said...

and I really enjoy and appreciate all your feedbacks ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Antonio ! This version makes a huge difference - still slower than Opera, but getting there...

Already manaos makes it possible to open AJAX pages on the 770 that don't work in Opera, line Netvibes and TiddlyWiki, that's good !

On my machine I have screen refresh problems - a new page seems to load but the previous one stays displayed until you scroll or zoom or do something, then it appears. Anybody else has this ?

Of course there are memory problems also, but this is on an unmodified 770 without swap, so it's already good that it works at all ! I really must get myself a bigger MMC and set up a swap file :-)

Keep up the good work !

PS: I see that you have not announced this update on ITT like the previous one, maybe you could get somme good feedback there ?

Antonio said...

fpp, thanks for commenting.

Well, both memory and redrawing problems are our worse ones. And even worse, they are directly proportional ! Read up my answer to jay's comment for more ...

announcing it on ITT ? Great idea ! :)

however won't do it on maemo-developers mailing list until 0.2 (stable) version ...

Anonymous said...

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