Friday, March 03, 2006

MANaOS 0.1.2 is out - update

This unstable development release is a bit more end-user-friendly and features:
  • some installation improvements
    • "dpkg -i" not required anymore.
    • targeting /var/lib/install/usr/... instead of straight on "/"
  • Launching from "Extra Menuicon"
    • no root required to launching it any more
    • history segfault fixed
  • Source code partially redesigned.
  • Virtual Keyboard improvements (still have problems as reported here - jay's comment)
    • synchronization between it and HTML forms.
    • it stopped popping-up everytime.

Cool chinese rendering screenshot from pawa"

_getting 0.1.2 installed
  1. gettting new AI-installable MANaOS .debs (gnuite-ITT rocks ! many thanks) - old ones are here.
  2. installing them via AI.
  3. running it from "Extras" menuicon
_stable version (0.2)

We've decided do not publishing MANaOS' source code until we have a stable version (0.2) of it running well, as well as:
  • minor bug fixes (multi appviews support and main entry expansion |minimizing)
  • draft zooming capabilities
  • installation via A.I.
(more about the coming releases here and an enjoyable discussion about 0.1.2 ITT).

ps : A "great job congrat" Afonso Rabelo and Tomaz Noleto for their efforts on .deb templates and code redesign.

ps2 : keep dropping me mails with suggestions, doubts, whatever.

ps3: thanks to gnuite's debs and effots

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Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to checking it out. i'm getting a 403 when i try to download thankyou

Antonio said...

ops ! my fault again.


Jay said...

still renders, just sluggishly. the keyboard does not auto-hide once selecting the "go" button, and tapping "enter/return" does not begin to load the web ddress once typed. all in all though, pretty impressive. if it is possible to get this browser to run as quickly and smoothly as the built-in opera browser it might just become my browser of choice on the 770. i certainly appreciate the ability to drag the stylus across a page and highlight text for cutting and pasting! i really wish i could do this on the default browser as it would save me a lot of time when setting up apps which require text entry through x-term.

gultig said...

You can select text in the default browser. You have to double tap and hold, then drag the stylus across the page. Wait a second after you drag since it takes a bit for the 770 to display it.

gunite from ITT went ahead and fixed one of your issues: AI installable debs. You may want to take a look at this thread

Anonymous said...

MANaOS 0.1.2 starts with
"" instead of about:blank which is in the Settings.
Any idea how to change this?

Antonio said...

solved for the next release ;)

Jay said...

quick question... i installed the 0.1.2 update using xterm and dpkg. is there a way to uninstall those? i'm a linux newbie so please excuse my ignorance. you can point me to a link if the explanation is easier that way.

Antonio said...

also as root you can do

$ dpkg -r manaos-mozilla-engine
$ dpkg -r manaos-maemo-minimo

you're going to get some warnings, but ignore them ...


follow up gnuite's tip at bellow

tell me if it works ;)