Sunday, November 27, 2005

Minimo (XUL) on the Nokia 770

These days I managed to run Minimo, that uses XUL get its UI built, on the Nokia 770. Although some hacking jobs are still needed, it is a great achievement regardless of these details :)

So, it's just a summarized howto of what I had to do to get it working on the 77'device.


** 1 Nokia 770 (hardware B4)
** 1 reduced size (rs) mmc
** 1 usb hub
** 1 usb cable (linking the device's usb port to another usb) - it comes with the device
** 1 usb-usb adapter (female-female)
** 1 usb cable (linking the adapter to the usb hub)
** 1 usb fast internet adapter (linked into the usb-hub)
** 1 usb-serial cable (link the device to the pc's serial port) - get root access.

  • Pull your rootstrap.
  • Flash the device (this step is not mandatory) - I flashed the newest rootstrap on 77'device actually a nokia's internal rootstrap instead of the public one available on the maEmo repository. If you're curious enough though,see here for more details.
  • copy the binaries to the device (humm, for this, I acessed the device via ethernet-serial port using an application called Minicom (I lot of cable involved:), but it can be done using a mmc card). btw, i've blogged it here before.
  • run minimoXUL from the x-terminal app inside the device.
$ cd path_to_your_dist/bin
$ run-standalone ./minimo

Minimo hasn't its inputs recognized by the environment (it's absolutily acceptable once it isn't a Hildon/GTK app), and I'm only able to browser on local files (I am not able to set up the proxies) ...

Antonio Gomes
tonikitoo at gmail dot com


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