Wednesday, August 16, 2006

minimo 016.4 (maemo port) available

New minimo 0.16.4-1 maemo-port available featuring:

$ cat debian/changelog
minimo (0.16.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

* improvements on softkb interaction (thanks to tim).
* arm and i386 repositories set at (thanks to rbelem).
* built with distcc (arm-linux-gcc/g++) (thanks to rbelem again)

  1. VKB Thumb mode and handwriting recognition support were not tested/implemented so far
  2. VKB will jump up only if minimo got started up after connection is up.
  3. Some secure sites failed to loggin maybe due to some parameters not being passed in uri, broken submit methods ??.
  4. Flash plugin is not supposed to work.
  5. Most of preferences not implemented yet for linux.
Installing from command line:
  • "gainroot"
  • $ echo "deb binary-arm/ " >> /etc/apt/source.list
  • $ apt-get update && aptitude minimo
or via AppManager
  • Add this entry into "new catalogue":
    • web address:
    • Distribution: binary-arm/
    • Components: n/a
  • Refresh list
  • Install new applications
    • pick minimo up.
Future work:
  1. Fix security site browsing
  2. Fix 'go' button
  3. ZoomIN press crashes it.
  4. Autocomplete "suckage"
--Antonio Gomes


Anonymous said...

You need a trailing slash:

Distribution: binary-arm/

Luis said...

Is the libxt problem solved?

Antonio said...

yeap, luis.

if you install it from setting up repository (via application manager), it'll also pull/download and install libxt, libice and libsm if it's need.

Luis said...

Awesome! Will install as soon as I get back from class, then!

Anonymous said...

thumb mode is completely broken and still having problems with hand writing recogniation

Antonio said...

yeap, you were warned previouly :)

read disclaimer !

Anonymous said...

perfect. with mimimo i'm finally able to order my planetickets on from my n770.

Luis Villa said...

Woot! Google Calendar from 770! I hug you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! It's would be great if minimo supports flash player...

Andy Reitz said...

Thanks for making this port - so far, it is working great!

Texrat said...

Can't get minimo to install. Error mesage says prerequisite packages are missing. I see that these are libs libxt6, libice6 and libsm6. The ones available on the site will not install on my 770 (os version 1.2006.26-8) due to incompatibility.


Antonio said...


are you running the last public maemo 2.0 image ?

Tomaz said...

It seems he is not. We are on week 34 and its image is from 26! It is very likely to be only a matter of updating his software! ;) Try to use a recent image.

Anonymous said...

Hello Antonio,

Thank for you efforts on producing minimo.
I have a question. Is the minimo menu suppose to be working? Right now, it is not clickable. Thx again.

martin said...

hi. i would like to try this port of minimo for Maemo2, but i cannot get from my network to the repository. Could not please to put in on a mirror or just send me the package ( Thanks.

Antonio said...

martin, I'll release a new version probably tomorrow hosted in a new server ;)

sorry for the inconvenience