Monday, July 03, 2006

minimo 016 .deb (beta/hack version)

I got minimo 016 packed into a preliminary-stage-.deb for maemo 2.0/armel. It's AI-able (installable via Application Installer or dpkg) and launchable via 'menu->extra->minimo'.
  • Main issues I am working on now for the next .deb:
    1. Currently, minimo does not add an entry into Task Navigator after launched, so MINIMIZING IT MIGHT GET YOU INTO PROBLEMS :)
    2. Security sites sometimes work sometime don't (on sbox/i386 it works all the time though).
    3. Typing from the vkb is possible: you can pop it up or hide it by keystroking "ENTER" (button in the middle of arrows).

minimo's port for nokia 770 is not close to be complete (lots to do yet) .

NOTE: This .deb is built over armel architecture, so it will not working on non-armel ones.

NOTE: In this current stage, reproduce by your own the steps I did to build this .deb might be a bit painful (manual process). But, I've been working on a script for automate all these hackings. The script will:
  • applying all required patches
  • build and pack it all.
NOTE: some missing libraries on Maemo 2.0 image were a problem.

Please, any suggestion, bug report or whatever is welcome via comment or email.

-- Antonio Gomes


Anonymous said...

that looks very promising. thanks for the effort, dude.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Henry said...

You can add icon to the Task Navigator by adding the following line to minimo.desktop:

Anonymous said...


really great buid! thank you!

Anonymous said...

page rending is incorrect. pages are displayed in a very different style compared with firefox and opera.(e.g. page : google, gmail,

Anonymous said...

url input problem: when there is url prompt while inputing a url address, need click a character twice to input one character.

Anonymous said...

pan is not the default setting when browsing.

opera style for pan(click and move) and object selection is prefered.

Anonymous said...

press zoom key will make minimo window and minimo process close and disapeared.

Antonio said...

yep, I'll be working on all these issues you pointed out.

Btw, regarding the layout mode, that's the *optimized* view mode for CEL PHONES, and does not fit it well on n770 HUGE display. To disable SSR mode, go to Preference->DISABLE SSR (or some thing like this). I'll remove CSS file responsible by it from next .deb .

thanks for reporting ...

Antonio said...


thanks for the tip. It works ;)

SamFloppy said...

Great build!

Can you tell us the list of the patchs numbers you applied on the 1_8 source Branch ?

Many thanks !

Antonio said...

SamFloppy , I have done the patches by my own, and not sure if all of them could be checked in into MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH , once they are device specific ...

I plan to upload them soon , anyway

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.