Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fennec (Mozilla Mobile) beta 1 released for n8x0 devices.

So, I am happy to broadcast the announcement of Fennec beta1 for the Nokia Linux devices. As pointed out by some Mozillia guys, this current release keeps agressively improving performance of the browser, giving to its users a boost of stability and responsiveness while surfing on the Web ... A

  • Feature-wise, flash player is supported now.
  • About the UI, I have not seen much huge differential changes for this beta, but fixes in what was already available have been making rendering, painting and panning a lot more usable then before too.
  • Startup time has been also hugely reduced, and it is really acceptable (~8 sec) now.
So, I'd say for those who have not installed it yet to give it a try, and so those who have, upgrading to this new beta should be automatic and smoooooth ...

There is a walkthrough video for this release. Check it out !

ps: also there is an on-going implementation of a gesture engine for fennec being driven by another Brazilian (Felipe Gomes) that can give it a taste of what is about to come soon ;)


Antonio Gomes


Marius Gedminas said...

This is good news, but "a boost of stability and responsiveness" doesn't say much. How does it compare to the competition (e.g. MicroB) in terms of speed an memory usage?

Personally, I would describe the 8 second startup time as "bearable", but not as "acceptable". Coincidentally, 8 seconds is exactly how long it takes for MicroB to start up and render the (local) home page -- I just measured on my N810.

fizze said...

Well, this is with a vanilla install maybe.
My microb takes the better part of a minute to start up. The major culprit for this is adblockplus, and probably other plugins.
But that's ok for me. The browser tends to stay open most of the time anyway. ;-)

I've tested Fennec, and while I can see the improvements, it's still far from being usable, even though it's a beta release.
I wanted to see the fast JS in action, so I went to facebook only to find that I couldn't log on because fennec wouldn't let me enter special characters in the password field. (or uppercase letters for that matter)

Marius Gedminas said...

Not supporting uppercase letters in password fields is a very strange bug, if true, but it would explain why I couldn't log into Google Reader.

(Oh no, now all the world knows that at least one character in my Google password is an upper-case letter!)

I concur with the "not ready yet" assessment, but it's going to be awesome once it is. Ready, that is.

Lemery said...

I think they should hurry up with this one :) And it's disappointing that Fennec is only available to Nokia devices! Has Mozilla forgotten its open source roots in Linux! But still, Fennec does seem to hold a lot of promise since I hear that it’s close to the firefox we love!