Friday, October 17, 2008

New wave of Mozilla coming: Fennec

Woot !!!

The first alpha of Fennec (Mozilla Mobile) is just out of the closet, aiming mainly to get feedback about the user experience ... If you have a n800 or n810, give it a try and file bugs on it.

Check a video of it in action here.

One-click install available here. Localizers, addon developer and whoever do not have a device in hand, desktop (x86) builds are available as well for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Performance is now under attack.

Stay tuned.

--Antonio gomes
tonikitoo at gmail


Ryan Abel said...

It'd probably be worth specifying that the Mac version is only for x86. Thus saving me the trouble of downloading it to find out it wont work. . . . :)

Andy B said...

The one-click install doesn't work from ftp://. Switch it to http:// and it's all good :)

Antonio said...

@ryan: andy: updated, thanks ...

easymovet said...

fun. looks really promising once performance makes it usable.

1. I couldn't get the on screen KB so pop up when i clicked on the text boxed at gmail login

2. The side pan is too sensitive, it gets triggered by vertical scrolling

Kachal said...

I tried it on my n800. Looked good but no keyboard support?! I guess it will work with bluetooth keyboard.

chibiace said...

tried this on my laptop. scroll seems resize the page. moving those menus out would be better if it was more side localized well at least if im reduced to scrolling up and down the page by dragging up and down and slightly side to side :P
all i need now is intergrated jabber and a tabletpc, would be nice to see this with some added performance for maemo.

Malcolm said...

Looks really nice, renders OK on pages I have tried.
But performance is a major issue from really testing this much further.
Really looking forward to a2 release.
Keep it coming, and thanks!