Monday, March 19, 2007

Minimo maemo port 0.16.11-1 available.

New Minimo/Mozilla maemo port 0.16.11-1 now available.

$ more debian/changelog

minimo (0.16.11-1) unstable; urgency=low

* links entered through urlbar open in the current tab

minimo (0.16.10-1) unstable; urgency=low
* updated sourcebase (dated from 13/Mar/07).
* HUGE UI changes by marcio and chris hoff.
* some device (nokia 800) specific customizations.

The outstanding of this release is the fact that we are about to have Minimo 0.2
officially launched by Mozilla, and users are going to see basically what is available in this new minimo maemo port release.

Another huge improvement are the bigger buttons available in the main toolbar, made of svg graphics generated on-the-fly according to screen resolutions -
thanks to marcio galli (TABOCA / MOZILLA). Browsing through fingers is great ;-). See pics bellow.

Chis Hoffmain's idea of HOMEBASE is taking place as well in this release. It compiles you bookmarks, history in your main homepage.

  • Preferences Tab makes possible to set:
    • proxy
    • skin color setup (pink looks great for your girlfriend :-)).
    • customized toolbar - choose the buttons that you want to be visible there.

  • Menu is shown by clicking on the "... " icon on right of the main toolbar. It make possible:
    • open/close tabs
    • tooggle on/off spatial navigation / scroll through HW keys
    • launch prefs tab.

Some further SCREENSHOTS:

Google docs, bottom main toolbar (without urlbar), and many tab on the top of the window.

Google mail, fullscreen mode, url and find bars showed.

Please, get minimo
installed on your nokia 800 following the steps here.

Enjoy your browsing.

--Antonio Gomes


Luis Villa said...

Is there a link with details of the 0.2 release? I saw speculation earlier today that Minimo was dead, which I figured wasn't accurate, but it was hard to find data to rebut the claim with.

Antonio said...

not yet, I believe ... but are going to get public soon, I believe ... I hope :)

Stephen said...

Thanks for your work, this is something I'm very excited about.

I've got huge plans for this code base on the n800.

kkpaul said...

Yay, the new version works like a charm.
I like the customizable UI as well as the ability of minimo to render pages which are not going to work with the opera browser.

Keep up your good work!

Anonymous said...

Antonio - can you clarify the position regarding Mozilla Foundation and Minimo?

Does the Mozilla Foundation see a future for Minimo on Linux devices (which is contrary to the post from DougT), and if not what do they see as the future for mobile devices?

Milhouse said...

This is a massive update, it's beginning to look much slicker! Many thanks Antonio, Marcio and Chris (Homebase is quite interesting!)

Initial issues:

1. When Pan scroll is enabled, the vertical scroll bar no longer functions - the stylus events on the scrollbar thumbtrack are incorrectly interpreted as pan events.

2. Is it possible for Pan Scroll to be enabled as default (same as Opera)? Alternatively _please_ add a persistent preference - I *hate* the default text select mode! :)

3. "Scroll via arrow keys" also needs to be a persistent preference as I much prefer this method than the default "Jump to link via arrow keys"

4. Some indication of the current Zoom level would be nice - ie. 100%, 120% etc., perhaps a Zoom sub-menu in the "..." menu and/or a Infoprint banner (same as Opera - "Zooming to 120%")

5. The Refresh toolbar button looks more like the "Back" button on the N800 and is thus confusing. The Minimo Refresh button needs to look more like a normal Refresh button

fredp said...

Fantastic update Antonio !!
0.16.9 was a nightmare on my 770, this version is a dream ! Stable, fast, and all sites work...

The new interface is very nice and much more usable. Hardware keys support much appreciated.

Here are a few suggestions for the next release:

- a Home icon on the toolbar,

- the hardware "escape" button mapped to "back" like in Opera,

- the hardware "menu" button mapped to the toolbar menu,

- an option to map the up/down hardware buttons to PageUp/PageDown if pressed once, and scroll up/down if pressed and held...

Thanks and bravo to all !

John Stracke said...

Is it possible for you to update your mistral build, please? I'd like to try it on my 770.


ajf said...

Will minimo be updated for 770 or it'll be focused on the N800?

Antonio said...

john and ajf, I am going to try updating minimo for mistral this weekend. I am going to blog about it when I did so, but some people have got it working on n800 ... the bora version i meant. I see no reason for that do not work, but I haven't tried it myself yet ...

fpp and milhouse: thanks, suggestion partially implemented for 0.16.12 already ... ;)

bard said...

Wonderful. Are there any plans to port XULRunner, too? Being able to develop rich clients in XUL would be great.

Antonio said...

bard: for sure ;)

Derek said...

problems: (on my Nokia 770 w/ latest OS 2006)
going to "" it loads the page and you can navigate, but it sits at "transferring data from (87/89)". It never finishes loading, and pressing the "stop" button doesn't stop anything. You have to close the browser. (same thing happened when loading "Slashdot")
Now, after rebooting my 770 and trying again, Minimo opens then immediately closes. The only way I was able to get it to start was to first start Opera, then start Minimo, then close Opera. Testing it by going to "" works fine, as does "". It must be something on Slashdot's and's webpages, but perhaps you can fix the STOP button? While it's trying to load those 2 items, nothing can be loaded in other tabs.

Milhouse said...

Derek - same with, it never stops loading and Stop has no effect, I have to quit Minimo.

Antonio - a thought on Pan mode. I guess it works the way it does so that the user is able to select text (this is quite tricky in Opera). I suspect most people want to pan the page more often than select text, so how about having a "Text select" mode button (replacing the Pan Mode button) which temporarily allows the user to select text and have Minimo switch back to Pan Mode once the text is copied to the clipboard? I feel this would be more useful/intuitive than the current situation.

Derek said...

another suggestion is to have the address bar select all text as default? agreed with milhouse about pan / select. can you also turn on the text prediction? hard to type long phrases.

Milhouse said...

Agree about word prediction not working.

Also, the finger keyboard detection doesn't seem to work either (not a problem though - just adding it to the list!) :)

Antonio said...

i am compiling all suggestion in a TODO list ... (another one actually) :-)

tks you all

Fernando (Nerd Gaucho) said...

Sorry, but where is the download link???

Fernando (Nerd Gaucho) said...

Finally installed it. Good work!.

One suggestion: You need to place the installation docs higher in the blog entry/description, imho.

°°°Nokius°°° said...

It is work on Nokia N800???
Whare i can downloade it???

Anonymous said...

Thanks your job. Do you know how to display I18n ?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Got my N800 to display a web page from my McIntosh music server MS300 without a problem. I could not do it with the native browser (bug?). So this minimmo saved my Nokia N800! THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR GOOD WORK.

Anonymous said...

excellent work on minimo for the n800-i was going to put it back on ebay --opera is unreadable

Jon Pritchard said...

Great work I must say, please, please keep going. Any chance of a trunk or 0.2 Minimo port?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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